A person states that anti-virus do the opposite of their job and ruin your computers performance


The majority of us recognise the fact that having an anti-virus software installed on your laptop or computer is really like having an Operating system installed. It’s like one can’t go minus the other & most people consider an anti-virus software need.

Robert O’Callahan who was once working for Mozilla says than you should never ever download antivirus from other third party places or uninstall an anti-virus once you have already installed one.

According to the engineer, the preinstalled Windows defender is better that any other anti-virus out there and he might be true!

Referring to hs blog post he says that the Microsoft Defender is the best option out there because it automatically updates itself with the problems and viruses out there and a solution to them.

At Best, there is negligible evidence that major non-MS AV products give a net improvement in security. More likely, they hurt security significantly; for example, see bugs in AV products listed in Google’s Project Zero.

These bugs indicate that not only do these products open many attack vectors, but in general their developers do not follow standard security practices.

He states that google has set a team whose sole job is be on the lookout for new types of viruses and other malicious things which can cause harm to ones computer or electronic device.

He also states that these third party anti-viruses out there decreases your computers output by bad coding and unclever scripts which often tend to block things which are totally secure and become annoying for the user.


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Sufyan Khan


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