The test of 5G with Telenor, huawei achieving 70 Gbps speeds.


Telenor and Huawei conducted the successful 5G test and achieving 70 Gbps in a lab environment.

In 31st March 2017, The Telenor company has around 214 million subscribers in Pakistan. Huawei is the largest mobile phone manufacturer company announce with Telenor that 5G based E-band conducted in Norway.

The E-band multi MIMO can provide 20Gbps speed and the best services to its users. Both companies test conducted in Norway. Telenor hoping to delivers first 5G network in Pakistan.

The CEO of TelenorSigve Brekke and resident of Telenor Key Account, Zhang Chao celebrate together after a successful test. 

The 5G network will be operated through Telenor and Huawei Innovation centre. Telenor mentions that the successful test will be provided learnings and insights from 4G to 5G network technology.

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