4G auction: Only Ufone network company will participate in 4G spectrum auction.

Ufone is the only network company who will participate in 4G spectrum auction. Other companies won’t participate in last 4G spectrum auction.

According to the Propakistan, they revealed confirm the report. Only Ufone telecom network company will participate in last 4G spectrum auction. There are four largest telecom network companies in Pakistan. But the three telecom network companies such as Zong, Telenor, Jazz operators will not participate in 4G auction.

Ufone is the largest telecom network opeators in Pakistan. They provide the best services to its customers in Pakistan. The company also confirmed about that, they will participate in the auction.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) confirmed that, the last auction of 4G spectrum will be held on next month May 2017. PTA issued Information Memorandum (IM) 10MHz block in 1800MHz band for a price of $295 million for the auction.

Jazz network won’t participate just because of they already got suffificient spectrum and the spectrum would be enough for next two years and Zong not going to paraticipate too. Six months ago, Telenor aquired 10MHz from 850MHz band and they also won’t go for anothor 4G spectrum that the reason of these companies will not particapte in 4G spectrum auction.



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