Columbia university and New York Genome Center confirmed that Solid Data Store on DNA.


Researcher of Columbia university and New York Genome Center confirmed about the DNA. People can Store all the solid data file on DNA.

DNA may work as hard disk in the future. The researchers also have experiment about the DNA, they stored tonnes of files on DNA. The researchers are successfully recovered all the data and store on DNA.

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Two researchers are involved in research. Yaniv Erlich and Dina Zielinski are the researchers, they research on DNA on and successfully operating a full computer system. Researchers recovered all the data including, French films, Computer virus.

source: Live Science

Yaniv Erlich said, DNA has several big advantages. First, it is much smaller than traditional media. In fact, we showed that we can reach a density of 215 Petabytes per gram of DNA! Second, DNA lasts for an extended period of time, over 100 years, which is orders of magnitude more than traditional media

source: Johns Hopkins Medicine

Both researchers collect all the data and compressed in one file then the researchers divided into two file of ‘s and os’. They embedded all the data in four nucleotide bases of DNA. After the embedded all the data they used barcode for each data file, after some time the researchers covered all the data and they also extract the data on software.

The researchers store 72,000 encoded data on DNA. Both researchers also added that DNA can store 215,000 data stored on DNA, its about 1 Tera Byte of Hard Disk and 1 gram of DNA.

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