Alibaba Group delegation visited Pakistan and want to establish e-commerce in Pakistan.


Chairman Alibaba Jack Ma met Pakistan’s finance minister Ishaq Dar on Friday. They discuss the plans and reveal its intention to establish e-commerce in Pakistan.

Alibaba Group also said that they will also support the small scale of industries in Pakistan. Alibaba delegations also visiting other officials in Islamabad, Pakistan. Jack Ma visited Pakistan in January 2017 and met with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and they showed interest to invest in Pakistan to establish e-commerce platform in Pakistan.

source: Pakistan

Alibaba is Chinese e-commerce company. They also develop fastest internet browser UCWeb. UCWeb, people can use this browser in mobile phones. 

Prime Minister of Pakistan also highlight about the e-commerce in Pakistan and discuss with delegations about the growing of e-commerce industry in Pakistan. In Pakistan 3G 4G fastest internet technology also available in Pakistan and more than 11%, people can use online banking system in Pakistan.

They also added that Pakistan has adequate ICT infrastructure and fastest growth of e-commerce sectors in Pakistan. 26 millions of people can use mobile broadband. The e-commerce also promotes the development and provides employment.

source: Forbes

Alibaba group deligation impressed by the Pakistan’s process and efforts in IT fields, Telecom, and Broadband. Chairman of Alibaba Jack Ma intention to invest in establishing e-commerce platform in Pakistan.

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