A cat has a very independent personality. This kind of personality allows them to be equipped with multiple behavioral traits that range from fierceness, anger, craziness, madness, etc to being joyous, entertaining, hilarious, cute, caring, loving, etc. Owing to this wide variety of characteristics, that all cats of the world possess, cats are considered the most unique pets in the world. No wonder why they are tied up with dogs as the most adopted animal in the world with 1.6 million adoptions each year.

Normally a person would stay away from an animal who is fierce, crazy, or gets angry really quickly but ask any cat owner out there and they would say that is exactly what they love about their cats. The thing with this kind of fierceness is that it results in funny and hilarious moments, ultimately. Thanks to that independent personality that I mentioned above, you will see cats create so many funny moments, half of the time not even trying to do so.

Many times cats fail at the activities they do because there is no planning, there is only execution. But you will never see a drop of guilt or regret on that failed cat’s face because of two reasons. It did what it wanted to do and it satisfied the cat’s adrenaline rush. Secondly, the cat didn’t do that thing upon someone else’s request so they own everything they do and that results in no regret, only new experiences.

Today we are going to take a deeper look into a cat’s ability to make everyone laugh without even intending to do so, most of the time. Yes, hilarious cat memes are what we will be enjoying today. And the fun part is, you don’t need to add texts or form a template to create cat memes. The act of the cat in itself is a hilarious meme.

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#23 Cats are the kings and queens of comedy.

My friend has a cat named Color. She is sweeter than a cake and he has had the feline for over 3 years. So you can confidently say they had established an inseparable bond. One day, he and his family got a new Smart TV installed in their house. That very day, my friend was too busy checking out the TV’s features that he forgot to give Color his lunch. Resultantly, the Smart TV had a hole in it and that was the end of it. There was no sign of regret on the cat’s face and my friend didn’t say a single thing because he knew what a crime he had conducted by not feeding his cat on time. His family however smacked the sh*t out of him but no one said anything to Color.

Cats are hilarious and these images are living proof of it. I swear they have literally taken up all responsibilities to make sure this planet doesn’t disintegrate and humans living on it stay happy and their stresses stay away from them. I love cats and I want them to love us forever too.

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“Answered a message on Nextdoor about a cat abandoned in a house alone for a YEAR. Her owner fell and went into care and the house went up for sale. A caretaker left dry food out once in a while. The first pic is from the real estate agent of the house. The second pic is her home with us. She’s about 15.”