Rich Communication service(RCS): Google announced his ‘Advance SMS Service App’, Partnership With Telenor.


Google has recently announced his partnership with Telenor for lunching RCS. RCS is basically advance messaging service which is developed for Android users.Rich Communication service(RCS) was launch in European and also in Asian countries including Pakistan.

The countries who will enjoy this app are Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and India.

source: PYMNTS

SMS Is the most commonly way of communication which is used in all over the world. RSC is an advance kind of SMS. which provide us with the advanced techniques .its advance features is group chat, allow higher resolution picture, location sharing, read receipts and much much more.

source: HiTechGazette

if you are Telenor subscriber and have messenger app on your cell phone it will be automatically update.and if you don’t have this app get this from google  PLAY store. and some intrusting thing is new upcoming Android devices have already this.

source: Tech Switch

RCS have only one limitation and that is the both parties must have compatible messaging app and network, Telenor Luckily, the framework is intended to move to SMS or MMS as a matter of course when the beneficiary’s gadget doesn’t bolster RCS.

This offer will only use android and Telenor network user.


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