Apple Become the Top Smartphone seller – Apple beat the Samsung Smartphones.

Apple becomes the top seller in the market, Samsung at the second largest smartphone seller company, and The Chinese smartphone makers Huawei is the third-largest smartphone seller company.

Apple most sought manufacturer in the world. According to the US-based research company, they calculate the number of smartphones sold during the years. Then they reveal the report of the whole year. In the report, they showed that the sale of smartphones grows up to 7% last year. Apple is the on the top smartphone seller in last year.

432 million smartphones were sold in the last half year. Apple sold the 77 thousand units last year. Samsung sold 76 smartphones in last year. Huawei is catching up to and on the third number of smartphone sellers in the world. Huawei sold 40 thousand smartphones during the year.

Mr Gupta, Research director at Gartner said that,

Samsung’s smartphone sales started to drop in the third quarter of 2016, and the decision to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 slowed down sales of its smartphone portfolio in the fourth quarter

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 released with a large-screen display, after the Samsung galaxy note 7 Huawei launched Mate 9 this smartphone positioned and sold a lot of smartphones and people like this mobile. In the last year, 21% of the total market of Samsung Smartphones. Global real to Samsung Note 7 as much as 3% increased. Apple sold the smartphones 17.9% of the total market and 0.2% increase from the last year of sales. But the Huawei growing continuously in the selling mobiles. The total market of Huawei is 9.5% and showing that 1.2% increased from last year.

According to the complete year, Samsung is at the third number and Apple at the second number and Huawei is still at third. According to the Chinese smartphones, their market prices growing very fast. Oppo, BBK, Xiaomi, and Huawei increasing in their worldwide sales.


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