Popular Musicians Website SoundCloud lost two senior Executives.

Largest music website SoundCloud has lost two senior executives. Markus Harder Chief of SoundCloud and Finance Director left this platform after five years with opportunities. Senior executives searching new funding. SoundCloud company said on Sunday.

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The spokeswoman said on Sunday, SoundCloud is currently fundraising, which is typical of most startups of our size and in our phase of growth

According to Crunchbase SoundCloud raised from investors including twitter $100 million on June. In 2008, they are founding $193 million. According to the FT’s said that, Soundcloud looking for rasisng funds and they are avoid from lower accepting valuation.

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According to the SoundCloud, they are lost $51.8 million (48.7 million Euros) paid tax on 2015. Holly Lim Financial Officer at Soundcloud, she joined SoundCloud after google working and she also said that This is unrelated to our ‘normal course’ fundraising efforts, which are being led by our recently appointed. Holly Lim is confident in its long-term creative community platform.



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