Telenor has done a survey that Pakistani Youth Are Resilient to Cyberbullying


Telenor has done a Survey that Pakistani Youth Are Resilient to Cyberbullying:

This is a survey by Telenor company, this survey is about the Pakistani Youth Are Resilient to Cyberbullying. Telenor Group’s Multi-advertise Asia online study uncovers that while web based bullying and risks are Still, concerns, Asia’s folks feel that adolescent are progressively flexible and dependable. This is replaced by the Worldwide telecom giant of the ‘More secure Internet Day 2017’ as a feature of its Endeavors to make the web more secure for youth as it goes for expansive scale computerized incorporation

This survey approached parents and their children across Asia for the purpose to get the opinion Of the children and the parents on digital and online bullying and their effects on the youth and how the youth deal With it. This survey was conducted over Facebook with 320 respondents from the Asian countries, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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Cyberbullying exists across Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia and the all other countries of the Asia the respondents said that they are talking about cyberbullying with children and feel that Flexibility is being assembled, which may help them handle computerized manhandle or better feel for casualties. The overview focused on Facebook clients from 18-64 with expressed interest in child rearing, family issues, tyke welfare and online security.

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