Good news for Android Users. Now You use Web Applications Like Native Ones


Good news for Android Users. Now You use Web Applications Like Native Ones:

A good news for the Android user that will be able to use online web application like natives and many others like that On their mobile home screen, this will be more easy for the Android user and easy to manage the applications, This is announced by the Google that Android Users Will be Able to Soon Use Web Apps Like A Native.

Google also announced that The pushing progress of a web app idea is integrated with the chrome at now this service is provided to the only developers For to add their web pages on the android home screen, but this service will be delivered soon to the Android users.

This home screen feature is one more and also a good step for the development of the best system for their users, and Google is committed To their users to ensuring the same mechanisms for installing Progressive Web Apps are available to all browsers on Android.

Google is going to achieve their goals that they are applying the same mechanisms for developing applications for all browsers On Android to implant this feature and provide them to their users, these applications will work on all the phones and all the Version of the android starting from the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

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Web applications will be so far ready to emulate local applications for just by the look and by feeling so after the arrival of this Include the conduct will be same developers are changing the application and actualizing the feature.developers will be capable of showing their applications in the Android application drawer. They’ll likewise be shown as a normal application under application settings.

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