‘StackOverflowin’ hacked more than 150,000 printers to caution clients


‘StackOverflowin’ hacked more than 150,000 printers to caution clients:

Throughout the end of the week, a hacker assumed control a huge number of printing gadgets. As opposed to different hacks which have a reason for taking data or requesting buy-off, this hack was done in good faith.The hacker named “StackOverflowin” seized more than 150,000 printers universally keeping in mind the end goal to caution clients about a basic powerlessness.The hacker printed a notice for the web associated clients who were utilizing their printing gadgets with no firewall assurance.

He asserted that he focused on the printing gadgets that have IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) ports, LPD (Line Printer Daemon) ports, and port 9100 remaining open to outside associations. There were two distinct messages sent by the hacker; the first indicated ASCII craftsmanship on a robot while the other demonstrated ASCII workmanship with a PC.

The clients were made a request to close the ports. The hacker stated that “Individuals have done this in the past and sent supremacist flyers, and so on. I’m not about that, I’m about helping people to settle their issue, yet having a touch of fun in the meantime Everyone’s been cool about it and said thanks to me, frankly,”

Image Source: techjuice

The general population appeared to appreciate this and several photos were shared on the Twitter, Reddit and HP Forum. In spite of the fact that done in accordance with some basic honesty, printers fabricating organizations like HP, Samsung, Epson, Canon and so on ought to deal with the vulnerabilities and guide clients about securing their gadgets through firewall assurance.
People got impressed by this hack and liked it. These were the following lines printed, stack the almighty, hacker God has returned to his throne, as the greatest meme gold. Your printer is a part of a flaming botnet.

Image Source: techjuice

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