Balcony is an ideal place to sit back and relax. Because we can get more fresh air from the balconies than in other rooms, that are the best place for relaxation. After a hard-working day, nothing is better than sitting on a soft chair and enjoying a cup of tea with a book, isn’t it? For this reason, many people have come up with inventive and interesting ideas to decorate their balconies. However, some of those balconies are just ridiculous.

Below are some of the weirdest and most ridiculous balconies that we have spotted online. From tiny useless balconies that cannot serve any purpose, silly decorated ones to crazy handmade ones, those will definitely make you burst out laughing. If you are finding something funny to start a new day, this post will be right up your street! Now, let’s scroll down and enjoy.

#1. Finally found some furniture to fit my balcony

#2. The view of my balcony before and after they removed a tree

#3. Chow chow with his own balcony

#4. When you want a property with a balcony, but don’t want to have to pay extra because of it

#5. Balconies?

#6. Piping

#7. Will the balcony resist the weight?

#8. Meanwhile, somewhere in Yevpatoria, Crimea

#9. Balcony inspections are coming up again at my complex – Our balcony rules at my apartment complex are draconian, but far be it from me to break them. I’m a responsible renter. And no, he’s not coming down after Halloween.

#10. Funny balcony (Paris, France)

#11. Got a little carried away by indoor plants

#12. No balcony for you

#13. Includes a “Private Balcony.” Is just a view of the wall of the next building

#14. Wtf is going on with this balcony?

#15. One person gets a balcony

#16. What about this solar panels, mounted on the balcony

#17. Spaceship balcony

#18. Balconies without any windows or patio area

#19. My neighbours made their balcony into a pirate ship!

#20. Speechless

#21. Flat with a balcony and a “great view”!

#22. Russian balcony modification

#23. Guess they had a special offer at the balcony store

#24. Let’s go out on the balcony …….oh wait

#25. Pointless balcony

#26. At least one guy got a balcony

#27. My buddy and I found a tiny useless balcony

#28. There is no way to get to this balcony

#29. This grille on the balcony

#29. This grille on the balcony

#30. The upstairs balcony looks a little unfinished

#31. Balcony is a fake

#32. The world’s smallest balcony
#33. The future is now! ⁠⁠

#33. The future is now! ⁠⁠

#34. This pointy balcony

#35. The creepiest balcony ever

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