Cats know how to show themselves off and they do so by not actually doing it. They automatically become a point of interest for anyone who interacts with a cat because of their unique and diverse personality. A cat can be a person’s best friend and worst enemy at the exact same time. Yes, it takes a lot to figure out how this combination works but it does and cat lovers have no problem with the enemy part because the best friend, whenever it decides to show itself, overpowers all the negatives. And this is owed to a cat’s independent personality. Cats do what they want to do, no one can dictate them.

This sort of attitude and behavior is what has made cats famous on the internet as well. Everyone wants to make content around cats and because they love creating cat content, it automatically turns out to be the best. No, I am not taking anything away from the fact that the cat’s presence is enough to make the content about it a huge success, but we must give credit where it is due and that is to the cat content creators.

Today, an artist makes it to the list as he creates hilarious illustrations with his own cat at the center of them. st.aftercigs has an Instagram account where he posts all his amazing illustrations and many of them have been about his adopted cat. He blends his cat’s attitude, as he likes to call it the cattitude with his sarcastic personality to create some of the best artwork for us to enjoy.

Today we are going to enjoy the artist’s best work and have a nice laugh. Scroll down below to enjoy!


#17 Once again the day is saved thanks to yet another cat.

This is brilliant art and the purpose of these illustrations is most certainly being delivered. The real question is, who gets the credit? Is the artist making us laugh or is the cat doing its thing? Either way, we are getting the best, highest-quality content. Cats just continue saving the day for us again and again. I mean, we all have a breaking point so I wonder when will cats start feeling the pressure because humanity has now fully started relying on them. On our own, we would’ve disintegrated by now without Thanos having to snap his fingers.

With only 172 posts on their Instagram account, the talented artist has gained over 200,000 followers. And this is just the beginning. With his sarcasm and his cat’s attitude, this duo is bound to reach an unimaginable height in no time.

Let’s enjoy some more of st.aftercigs’s work. I am definitely following him after this and I know you guys are going to do the same as well.

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#37 Stay tuned for more!

With the world economy crashing, environmental conditions deteriorating, and humans wanting to be the most superior species on this planet, we currently are in desperate need of cat help like this on a daily basis now.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one.

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Via: BatMom525

Cat tax.

“Yesterday I rescued this kitten from a cruel life as a stray, today he shamelessly stole my son’s lunch. I’ve taken in a criminal.”