Pakistan is facing different issues of start-up culture


Pakistan is facing different issues of start-up culture:

Is there All startups are going to deal with just only IT sector? So what happened with all other fields So the other fields have nothing without IT. In this society, we just think about to start up the business and we have not concerned with growing it, In private or government sectors are just only hiring younger people for 3 to 6 months of duration after that they just kick Them out in this small duration of time.

So at that moment, we are just leaving a chance to incubating them. Teach them for 3 to 6 months and then kicking them out into the real world. While the other countries the fresh medical or engineering degree holder young people They are hiring for internship and they give proper attention them and step by step they are growing them in the field and when they trained them after that they give them full opportunities and provides jobs in the following field.

Image Source: tribune

We compete with India and like to look up the USA but we did not learn from them and we failed to learn, We just impressed by the AMERICA and our ego didn’t allow us to learn from the INDIA. So when we talk about the IT section, a production which is related to the IT all have been negligible, responsibility On the government. IT sector is boundless. Pakistan software exports $2.2 billion, but if we talked about the ending Exports of the software its more than $85 billion per year. The sector of the Pakistan software houses is PASHA.

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