If you want to buy something at a cheap price or look for weird and unique items, thrift stores are the ideal places for you. These places provide items, including clothing, furniture, small applications, toys, books, home décor, and more, for people of all incomes. Therefore, you can easily buy products that suit your pocket. Moreover, you can also find many treasures there, from a long sleeve iridescent sequin crop top to a stained glass whale light, for example. Like the people in the list below, they have spotted the most fascinating things in thrift stores.
Many people have come to the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared Facebook group to share the fascinating things they’ve ever found in thrift stores. And we have compiled a list of the oddest stuff that will definitely catch your attention. So without further delay, scroll down to take a look. And don’t forget t vote for your favs.

#1. My $2 yardsale find today! Already had the perfect plant for it too

#2. Someone might ask themselves while browsing the racks at Goodwill, “who would wear a long sleeve iridescent sequin crop top?” Well the answer is this sparkle bear

#3. This stained glass whale light measuring 4′ long was going to be thrown in a dumpster

#4. This is Mr. Dave Velociraptor or more commonly known as Dave the house Dino

I rescued him at Christmas time from the side of the road, he’s made up of welded parts of scrap metal and sits proudly guarding my front door in

#5. Found at Goodwill in Milledgeville, GA

#6. My greatest thrift find ever

When I bought it I only thought the dots would glow. I was shocked when I turned it on!! Best $10 I ever spent. Hope house foundation thrift shop, Norfolk Va.

#7. I saw this chair I knew it was the perfect candy stash chair… Turns out it holds gummy bears and fruit by the foot PERFECTLY

#8. My mom was born in 1939, the year Snow White was released. She passed away in March and as I have been cleaning out her home, I found this beautiful blanket made for her, by her grandmother when she was born

#9. Went antiquing in a small town (Woodbury, TN) today and found this completely adorable little fridge full of office supplies! Yes, that’s right… office supplies!

#10. My wonderful 99-year-old grandad is moving into a nursing home. We are cleaning out his house and I was given this, now one of my favorite possessions

#11. My father found a cursed object at Goodwill. May I present….the long Furby?

#12. I went thrifting and did not expect to find this year’s “Easter dress” in all its glory hanging before me!!!!!

#13. When someone is selling their intricate, one-of-a-kind, hand-carved African bed, created from teak logs found at the bottom of a Kenyan river, you immediately spend your entire stimulus check to bring it home

#14. I found this old TV when cleaning out the attic in my grandma’s house

#15. My husband and I bought our house last December. I just noticed the doorbell plate recently. It’s the four seasons depicted, and I think it’s pretty cool!

#16. I’m not sure if this colorful WhatchamaCallit is a dress or a shirt but I found it on the floor at the local thrift store in Lewisville Texas. Yes, it’s come home with me, will wash it and Y’all know I’m going to Rock it!

#17. My granny had given me my first crystal cat when I was roughly in the 4th grade (Mid 90’s)

#18. Found a matching brooch for my tattoo while antiquing in the Georgetown TX square. I did get it for a whole $22

#19. This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever found
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Alice Milson

#20. It’s a Kinetic “Six Man Clock” Sculpture by Gordon Bradt
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Ashley Wehrman

It looked intricate and artistic so I did a quick google and discovered there are two on eBay listed for $600 (non-functioning) and $1250. It was $20! I shoved it into my bag without even checking to see if it worked.

#21. My collection of flower and bug brooches
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Anna Coy

#22. Found this little bow tie at Salvation Army in Vernon CT. Perfect for my little man, Hamilton! Just lookit himbs!!
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Christina Tolisano

#23. Me: This green sequined whatever it may be is awesome, but WHERE on earth would I wear it

Also me: The world’s oldest drag queen (according to the Guinness Book of World Records), Darcelle, is performing tonight. If I don’t wear a sequined hotpants outfit there, I may never in fact wear it.

#24. Never in my life did I ever think I would own something as beautiful as these opera glasses
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Jennifer Smale

#25. I found this door knocker at a jumble sale well over 10 years ago and shoved him in the shed for a later project
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Shar Ainsworth

#26. One secondhand Tarot shower curtain launched this whole thrifted costume
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Paige Gardner

I remembered him last week and figured during lockdown he could finally be given the TLC needed. Turns out he’s the messenger to the gods (Hermes) over 150 years old and quite valuable. He’s going on my front door this weekend (before and after pics).

#27. Found these gnarly guys at a yard sale today! Brings back memories!
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Joshua Simmers

#28. Chippo the Hippo
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Jodi Caravella

#29. Thrift store score!! Found this fainting sofa with a fold-out bed.
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Lorena Aldridge-Garrigus

#30. My awesome Goodwill find
Fascinating Things In Thrift StoresSource: Dee DeJesus

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