Creativity is our nature. We all have had it since we were born. However, the way we use it is totally different from each other. Some people use it to create new things to improve their lives. Others use it to solve the tough problems they are facing. Yet other people whose creativity is unstoppable use it to crack other people up. Why do we say this? The reason is that those people often come up with crazy and ridiculous ideas, from tiny rubber dinosaur earrings to comic cake. They don’t worry about whether their ideas is right or wrong at all. All they want is just to do what they love to do and enjoy this fun.

We have collected some questionable ideas from people whose creativity is unstoppable. Scroll down to check out 30 pictures below. Don’t forget to upvote for the one you like the most. If you have ever spotted any crazy stuff, don’t hesitate to share them with us by leaving it in the comment section below.

#1. This donut box looks like a giant VHS tape

#2. Converted a Bike Bell into a Tiny Grill. Who wants baby bike ribs?

#3. This knife. Yes, it is a real leg…

#4. Really well done and pointless

#5. Some pencils I tried carving

#6. Diner sign I saw the other day

#7. My girlfriend wore these to her anatomy and physiology exam

#8. My dentist has jokes

#9. I bought a handful of tiny rubber dinosaurs and made me some tiny rubber T-rex earrings

#10. The struggle is real

#11. The bathroom sign at the Honolulu airport wearing a Hawaiian shirt

#12. My selfmade Lightyear suit!

#13. Car wash designed to look like a washing machine

#14. I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today

#15. Tattooed socks

#16. My brother made a mini cardboard cutout of my Top Gun cosplay. It arrived today

#17. Crochet Tacos my mother made for the cancer center with a note “It’s okay to fall apart sometimes.”

#18. My mom paints rocks

#19. If someone asks for tools for their birthday, it’s important to artfully wrap them

#20. If the interior of my house was a car

#21. I have been reusing the same scallion scraps for two months by growing them in water

#22. Straight off the runway

#23. Comic cake

#24. So yeah… Have these now

#25. This sign I saw yesterday

#26. Coffin chair

#27. A picnic table for squirrels. It has a screw to put corn on it for them to eat

#28. Dog hair art

#29. Change anyone?

#30. I asked the local coffee shop not to put ketchup on my bagel or I’d cry. They complied