After a long day at work, you return home and surf the internet to find anything to help you relax. “Laughter is the best medicine,” so put on a happy face. Prepare to embark on an exciting voyage into the region of confusing photos known as “Humans doing human things.” When you first hear this name, you might imagine it’s the name of a top-secret dossier of aliens on a mission to spy on humans. But the truth is that these are weird photos of human behavior you’ve probably seen in a long, long time.

Take a look at 20 of the weirdest pics that will make you question humanity. Scroll down to have a good laugh, and don’t be shy about leaving a comment. Let’s get this party started.

#1. Wrong hole

#2. Wish I was he’s neighbour

#3. Hmmm

#4. I feel like he missed out

#5. He looks like a morph between Lionel Messi and Harry Potter

#6. His reaction is so cute

#7. How Chads are christened

#8. What did you think?

#9. What if we kissed under it?

#10. What is she doing?

#11. Who can blame him?

#12. Nice hat

#13. Are you serious?

#14. I admit

#15. Spider (veins on his legs) Man

#16. Is he working?

#17. So cool

#18. LOL

#19. Yawn

#20. Toilet gang