Careem and Uber services are not Suspended in Karachi but Only are Warned to Show Fitness Certificate and Permits


According to Sindh Transport Minister Careem and Uber Services have not completely banned in Karachi , but they have been warned to bring fitness certificates and permission letters within 30 days.

On the other hand Punjab government is also engaged to look into the standing of Careem and Uber.

Punjab government has notified the illegal ride-hailing services of Careem and Uber for being unregistered with any regulatory body and missing fitness certificates and route permits.

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Sindh Government

Like Punjab, Sinndh Government also has declared Careem and Uber and other services for proving themselves as a legal or authorized transportation through proper registration with any regulatory body .

Sindh government has banned all these services in the province until they don’t show any fitness certificates and route permit proofs.

The minister of Sindh, Syed Nasir Shah has clarified that so far these services should be given strict notice for the illegal doings.  To ask for fitness certificates, route permits and license is not sufficient.


Punjab Government

The Chairman PITB, Umar Saif told in an interview:

“We brought them to Pakistan with a lot of effort and the conversation had been going on from the start. We asked them for a proposal. They’ve had extensive meetings with the transport department and provincial authorities.


The Chairman added by saying the government will soon take a serious step to solve such transport issues in the city as the travelers have to go through lot of troubles on roads.

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Zahra Zar


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