Punjab Government Bans Uber and Careem for Thier Illegal Transport Services in Lahore


No, doubt Uber and Careem have reached up to their utmost vogue through getting access to many users but the government of Punjab now bans the two for being responsible to violate the local laws of the city(Lahore).

The letter of notification issued by the Punjab Government is as under:

via: http: www.dawn.com

The government notified that the transport facilities provided by  Uber and Careem  for commercial purpose is totally against the local laws of Lahore city.

without having registration with any regulatory body these two companies so far were offering transport services, thus have been banned by the government of Punjab.

In this regard the Punjab government has warned  the traffic officer of the city for not permitting such transportation in the city. Here we are not sure that whether this alert is only for Lahore city or all other cities of Punjab.

via: www.dawn.com


Moreover, the letter of notification tells about some problems faced by public and police as these private cars do not follow local traffic rules and regulations but destroy the harmony of city’s traffic rules.

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Zahra Zar


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