A good laugh is something that everybody likes. If you’re needing help from us to brighten your day, you have come to the right place. Today, we are delighted to showcase some crazy artworks by Blanche, a female artist, which will surprise you with tons of twisted jokes. Let’s see how she has wowed audiences with her razor-sharp sense of humor!

Canadian-based artist Blanche creates imaginative worlds based on actual events or peculiar stories. In 2018, she graduated from UQO University with a bachelor’s degree in comic arts. Mermaids are a common theme in Blanche’s art because she enjoys participating in the “Mermay” challenge, which asks participants to produce pieces of art that feature mermaids. Her comics are made in both English and French, so English viewers can utilize them as a useful resource for practicing their French. She has been working on a project or a silent series named “Poe” and always values the support of her readers.

Blanche likes to draw comics that are likely to make readers smile. It may be hard to get enough of her comics because they have a distinct and funny aspect that heightens their details. You are welcome with 25 of her darkly funny comics below. Visit her social media websites to get more of her dark humor and laugh yourself silly. Have fun!

#1 Mushrooms

#2 Special snowman

#3 Let it snow

#4 Should read more

#5 Short hair

#6 Perfect match

#7 Lucky birthday

#8 The explanation

#9 Make sense

#10 But mom…

#11 The chosen one

#12 MOVE!!!

#13 New puppy

#14 White whale

#15 The Meowcean

#16 Ask for help

#17 Lovely butts

#18 What’s up, kid!

#19 Bazonga mermaid

#20 Weird ads

#21 Adulthood

#22 Underground parkings

#23 Oh Lord…

#24 Any last words?

#25 Jésus Christ!!