Cats are different. And by that, I mean in the sense that they are very much unique when we compare them with other pet animals out there or animals in general. Cats have diverse personalities with so many different traits and characteristics that they use whenever they feel like owing to them being highly independent. This independence at times makes them take high risks and do stuff even an adrenaline junky may think twice before doing. If you ask a cat owner if they like this thing about their cat and they will always respond with a confident “YES!”. Cat owners absolutely love the fact that their cats are unpredictable because this factor provides them with so many cherishable moments ranging from hilarity, love, and entertainment, to at times fierce, scary, and exciting.

Cats bring a surprise all day, that is why a household that has a cat in it as a family member is said to never get bored. The surprise factor comes from factors like your cat waking you up in the morning with polite meows, and licks, and will be ready for snuggles. And 25 minutes later when you delay its breakfast meal by 2 minutes, the same cat that was so happy to show its love to you will now smack you in the face for keeping it hungry for 120 seconds. This blend of happiness and anger is what cat lovers die to witness. We are as weird as they are.

At times I think such a diverse personality cannot be explained if cats were really born on Earth. The only way we can provide a rationale for this behavior is we accept the fact that cats are not from around her. They are from another planet and for whatever reason, probably for our survival, they got shipped to planet Earth. Even nature knew humans would never have been able to survive this long had it not sent cats over.

Today, we are going to prove this fact by looking at some pictures of cats. Not only will we see their diverse personalities but we will also be feeling a diverse amount of emotions at the same time. So are you ready? Scroll down below to enjoy!

#1 “Pawbucks”

#2 “Told my wife my cat doesn’t need expensive toys. Cat proved my point.”

#3 “He stands like this when he thinks we aren’t looking.”

#4 “Just when you thought it was safe to walk around barefoot…”

#5 “I think I assembled my cat wrong?”

#6 “Meet Pete. This is him asleep.”

#7 “Kast iron Kitten”

#8 “My cat likes to sleep in a perfectly straight line.”

#9 “For those who have a cat and a dog, this image often says it all.”

#10 “My pet is strange.”

#11 2023 Gamer of the Year.

#12 I now strongly believe that cats really aren’t from around here.

No living being is capable of being this good, this effortless, and this loving if it was born here. I have said this many times before and will continue to say it forever, we do not deserve cats. They are too good for us and we must always cherish what they are doing for us.

We would be really unlucky if nature took them back. And it makes me sad that there are people out there who still abandon cats to date, and leave them as strays to spend their lives on their own. This is such unfair treatment to those who really are willing to give their lives for us.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of cats that cemented our belief in the fact that they are from another planet. Scroll down to continue!

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#13 Working and parenting at the same time.

#14 “We have a plumber cat at home.”

#15 “He actively chooses to lay like this.”

#16 How everyone’s first selfie looked like when the front cameras got introduced in phones.

#17 Just a cat identifying the error its owner made in the code.

#18 “I think I might’ve done something wrong because apparently, my cat wants me to sit down and have a talk with him.”

#19 “I meowed at him and blew his mind.”

#20 They just created a master plan to rule the world.

#21 “No thought, head empty.”

#22 Thinking about all the wrong decisions it took in life.

#23 “Caught my cat mid-yawn.”

#24 “He’s ready to burn it all down.”

#25 Stay tuned for more cat goodness!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one.

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Cat tax.

“He was mad I was paying attention to the game and not to him.”