The United States is just like a whole other world itself. We mean, apparently, this country is not like anywhere else on this planet as there are so many little quirky things that happen here on a daily basis that make our jaw drop on the floor. That may explain why it’s called the land of opportunity since we just can’t get to do the same anywhere in the rest of the world without raising a big question from people around us. To help you fully picture the world in the US, we are bringing to you a very special destination on Twitter known as @NoContextUSA with more than 120K followers. This page serves as a perfect source of entertainment which is dedicated to sharing funny no context USA photos.
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#1. No blade!

#2. Some truck drivers are based


#4. Burn

#5. This should be a policy in every place of business during December

#6. That’s deeper than you can imagine

#7. Come and take it

#8. Dolly Parton is real

#9. Does the back of the shirt read “I’m Larry David”?

#10. Nice one

#11. No point explaining

#12. Finally, the truth

#13. 2008

#14. A bit extreme

#15. He’s got a point

#16. Frustration is not allowed outside of the designated area

#17. America in one pic

#18. “Also, I’m the greatest person that ever lived in my body”

#19. Proudly made in China

#20. Mc. Guitar with Mc. Metal

#21. Saving fuel

#22. “What a rip off…. Got mine for free…”