A man’s life alters after becoming a dad in many ways that a man without children may not fully comprehend. Every aspect of his life is affected by having children, varying its richness and complexity, bringing happiness and frustration, pride and tiredness, and frequently, a great deal of utter perplexity. For him, being a dad is such a wonderful experience. There is nothing as precious as being a father of his own children, despite the fact that his children can make him laugh or cry. Dads nailed fatherhood are what we love to see.

To understand more about fatherhood, visit the r/daddit subreddit to read the sharing of dads, single dads, new dads, stepdads, short dads, and any other kind of dads who totally nailed fatherhood. In this group, its members “discuss everything from birth announcements to code browns in the shower.” Some ridiculous jokes with amazing punchlines that leave you in stitches. Fathers have completely taken on the role of fathers and they are remarkable. 

#1. My daughter (2 years old) wanted to sleep with the Skeleton in her room. You choose your battles…

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#2. Our princess gets discharged tomorrow!

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She had her first round of chemo Tuesday and rocked it. We also found out yesterday her spinal tap showed ZERO signs of cancer in her spinal cord and brain, that’s a win we will take any day

#3. Taking my daughter camping is one of my favorite parts of being a dad

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#4. I let my daughter pick my costume for Halloween. 2 conclusions. 1) Long hair sucks. 2) women’s clothes are not comfortable

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#5. First time being a dad. Amazed at how quickly my son’s emotion change

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#6. Thanks, Apple. I’ll let her know

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#7. Little Miss bedhead was very impressed with the mickey mouse pancake I made. TV makes shaped pancakes seem a whole lot easier haha

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#8. I just started growing and keeping a beard, as a dad of little girls, this is what playtime looks like

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#9. Took the best nap yesterday

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#10. Any other dads know this struggle

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#11. This will be my crowning achievement as a dad