Nothing is more adorable and wholesome than animals.

Hello to all the animal lovers out there. We know the only thing that can make your mood better is some cute animal photos. Guess what? We are back with another list of wholesome animal photos that are going to uplift your mood. You will see dogs hiking, kittens sleeping, bunny yawning and a rodent asking for attention. We have got everything to put a smile on your face. Your whole week is going to be blessed after browsing through this list. So, are you ready for some fun? Grab a bag of chips and scroll down.

1. “My dog loves hiking, but sometimes she’s just a lazy bitch. This is how we finish hikes.”

She wants to go hiking but she would not walk. You have to pick her up and walk.

2. “photo of my old dog carrying a rose for my mom”


© yaprockcu / Reddit

When your dog loves your mom more than you.

3. “Six kittens, all of em’ are asleep”


© AbbreviationLOL / Reddit

Look at that big smile on his face. Only some adorable, tiny kittens can bring that out.

4. “My daughter’s poodle saying goodbye.”


© MattimusPrimee / Reddit

Friend, we will meet soon.

5. That’s how a bunny yawns:


© jessmay94 / Reddit

6. “His way of saying he’s done walking”



© Quelleda / Reddit

Human, I am giving up.

7. He gave a big smile after a long run:


© Vilonure / Reddit

8. “This is how my derpy frenchie begs for my snacks.”


© DrJPG / Reddit

Human, are you giving me your snacks or not?

9. When there is no one to boop your snoot:


© aralc-nna / Reddit

10. The face that he makes when you catch him stealing food:


© Gloomyhotblood / Reddit

“Meet Ava! We found her in the woods and took her in!”

No matter what you are going through, whether you have someone or not, your pet would always be there for you. They know when you are not feeling good, they would always cheer you up. They would make you smile with their actions. They would take you out for hiking and they would be the first ones to get tired. Your doggo would stick his tongue out for a photo and he would make an innocent face after stealing your food or sometimes they would ask for your food with a bossy attitude. We are sure, they bring a big smile to your face.

11. “I pretended to sneeze to get her attention for the photo. Worked too well.”

© talk-siq / Reddit

That’s how you can take a good photo with your doggo. Take notes, everyone.

12. Look human, what I did to the toilet paper roll:


© CymVanCat / Reddit

“Toilet paper Part 2. See…he just stuck his tongue out on me… him don’t care…it’s his toilet paper now!”

13. If a picture could describe the siblings’ relationship:

© Nebula_64 / Reddit

14. Is he trying to say “hi”?


© Goldenchicks / Reddit

15. He knows exactly how to ruin a photo:

© cday51 / Reddit

But we love this photo.

16. The face that he made after getting doughnuts:


© kennedybrp / Reddit

17. “Our daughter’s reaction to learning the puppy wasn’t just a foster…”

© TMK602 / Reddit

There is nothing as sweet as bonding with an animal.

18. “His face when I told him we were going on a car ride.”


© longshlong_69 / Reddit

His smile is so precious.

19. When you are working with full concentration and someone decides to distract you:

© BeccaBear00 / Reddit

20. “My sister sent me this pic of a trash panda hanging out in her neighbor’s gutter.”


© c-root / Reddit

Hey human, can you please help me get out of it? Do you own a pet and does your pet bring a smile to your face? Comment down to let us know which of these animals uplifted your mood?