First thing first, you should consider skipping this article if you are eating. Keep ignoring our warning, then we won’t bear the blame if you couldn’t finish your meal. The gallery below consists of things that look so disgusting, we can even imagine how terrible their smell is. We don’t know when and why people took these photos but we are sure that they will break rather than make your day.

Take a deep breath before scrolling down to see our selection of 20 stinky pics that you can smell no matter where you are now! Check out our previous post for more bizarre photos!

#1. Clean it up pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

#2. No, definitely not funny at all

#3. “I was gonna eat chocolate but I guess I won’t anymore”

#4. Bro caramelized his mouse pad

#5. Yo she’s building her nest

#6. That’s both awful and incredible

#7. It’s a big NO

#8. How could someone do this to their toilet?

#9. Running out of words

#10. “Women hate how little it takes to make us happy”

#11. Sorry, what happened to you?

#12. Bro, wake the f*ck up!

#13. “Wife said the shower was draining slowly.”

#14. Alfresco pigeon pizza

#15. This amazing bird drawn by a prisoner, with his own feces

#16. “Water has been piss-yellow and metallic tasting in our Airbnb for a week now. Owner says they can’t do anything about it.”

#17. Uh oh

#18. That’s a shambles, where’s the beetle. Lol

#19. Anyone wanna go for a swim?

#20. Ok whose turn is it to clean the bathroom?