Nowadays, people spend more time on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. And honestly, the content we see on Instagram is more than just beautiful photos of trips, outfits, and celebrities. Many of us frequent this social network in search of laughs, as most of the things that make us laugh on social media are ridiculous. It is the inspiration for this article.

Meta Visions is an Instagram account collecting photos that are funny in their peculiarity. These ridiculous photos will make you scratch your brain, but finally, their hilarity will make you laugh instead. These 25 pics shared by Meta Visions are full of fun, humor, weirdness, and confusion. Scroll down to see a compilation of ridiculous photos that are literally hard to explain, shared on Meta Visions’ feed. Let’s get started!

#1. The Holy Father

#2. Beauty And The Beach

#3. Really?

#4. How To Meet Women On The Subway?

#5. What?

#6. The Dog Knight

#7. Water Fountain.

#8. Are You Serious?

#9. Safety

#10. Don’t Look At My Girlfriend

#11. A Cursed Pole

#12. Do You See What I See?

#13. Kitty Octopus

#14. Weird Cat

#15. Coincidence

#16. Oh No!

#17. It’s Hilarious!

#18. I Am Protecting Myself

#19. Great!

#20. What A Sad Thing It Is!