Think you’re having the worst day of your life? Oh maybe. But we know how to make you feel a little better. Now pull your seats closer and listen carefully! You are not alone! There are so many miserable people out there whose day just couldn’t get any worse. By saying that, we don’t mean you are being a drama queen about what you are going through. What we are tryna to say here is, everyone has all been through shit at least once in their lives.
And of course, we have some proofs. The gallery below consists of 20 examples of people to whom Lady Luck has turned her back on. Scroll down to see for yourself. Check out our previous post for more!

#1. “My friend got stung by something”

#2. Had to check if there was pressure in the pipe. Well yes there was.

#3. Save the turd, throw away the shoes

#4. Pulled out the rack to spritz and it came right out onto the concrete

#5. Kid found the button for the sunroof

#6. That’s why you shouldn’t wear jeans with holes on sunny days

#7. On her way to school

#8. “After eating half of my banana chips I found this”

#9. Exploding ketchup packet

#10. “I had one of those little pieces of skin and pulled it”

#11. “Didn’t realize one of my glove fingers broke until I was done dyeing my hair.”

#12. Pro tip: Don’t live on the water in a basement apartment

#13. Tan line

#14. “The one time I don’t use a lingerie bag in the laundry”

#15. Well, on the bright side… the rear driver-side door looks undamaged

#16. “Trying to scrub my toilet”

#17. “One of my drunk “friends” burnt me with a lighter last night”