We were just out there enjoying our best life until we came across something that left us with so so many more questions than answers. Sadly, there are literally ZERO proper explanations for why those questionable things exist in this life and we just can’t do anything about that. Our suggestion is rather than trying to find a way to figure everything out, we should just see them as a reason to laugh our worries off.

Let us introduce to you this special corner on Twitter, pictures of the end, dedicated to sharing photos that they hilariously consider as the end of the world. Scroll down to check out our selection of 20 out-of-nowhere pics shared on its feed. It’s okay if you can’t find out what is going on in these photos because no one ever can. If you want more of the same, check out our previous post about funny nonsense pics here!

#1. Bloody auto-correction!!

#2. It’s a game. You can crack the code whilst sitting.

#3. Have a cocky Christmas and bawz new year!

#4. Turtles all the way down

#5. There should be a fitting flush sound while opening

#6. Gru, watch out!

#7. Come into the light.

#8. Mhmm you can eat whilst you are relieving yourself….multipurpose

#9. Llook, ddeddi. That Hole Is hhhuuuge!

#10. Dying to go there!

#11. Album cover worthy

#12. “I have more faith in that having value than the imaginary money”

#13. You wouldn’t want to fly that udderless

#14. Are we going to Suffern, NY? Or are we going to suffer?

#15. What a friendly place!

#16. “This is exactly what I needed to hear today.”

#17. It’s only a matter of time.

#18. Heeeere’s Dumbooooooo


#19. Ok, now we know that touch it can give lucky days

#20. Toddler sip