There is no doubt about the fact that cats are one of if not the cutest creatures nature has ever graced this planet with. And they pull it off so effortlessly as if they don’t even realize they are so gorgeous and cute. You know the way we stare at cats for so long admiring how beautiful they like, I can bet they stare us back thinking this person is a weirdo, I don’t know why are they staring at my face. A cat’s beauty is one of the countless factors why cat lovers love cats so dearly and unconditionally. But it is true that no one feature can be prioritized over the other. Features and characteristics like being joyous, caring, angry, fierce, entertaining, logical, adventurous, and random are all equal to the factor of beauty. No wonder why 2.1 million cats get adopted out of the 3.2 million of those who go to the shelters each year.

Now that we have cemented the fact that every cat breed is gorgeous in its own way and in overall terms cats are the most beautiful living beings even if we talk about tiny cats or kittens, this factor of beauty gets enhanced over a hundred times. I hope you have heard of “all big bombs come in small packages”, well this perfectly applies to cats. The smaller they are, the more adorable, gorgeous, and cutest they look. It is just like how our little human babies are, they also look the most adorable when they don’t even know how to walk or talk. The only difference is we become ugly until puberty hits us and the concept of ugly does not exist in cats.

Today we are going to enjoy some pure adorableness, by looking at a compilation of pictures of tiny and cute kitties.

Scroll down below for some wholesomeness.


#11 My heart has now officially melted…If that even is a thing.

These pictures have my heart. I actually cannot contain this much adorableness. A break really was needed before going back at it again and by that, I mean submerging ourselves again into tiny kittens and their cuteness.

I have realized one thing it is not just the cuteness, it is a blend of it with the kitten’s innocence that enhances it so much. As we all know, when cats grow big the factor of independence in their souls grows big also. This gets compensated from the bag of innocence that they have. So, it all makes sense why they are all so much cuter and magical when they are young.

Now that we have had enough break, let’s deep dive back into kitten beauty. Scroll down to continue!

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#22 Stay tuned for more cat goodness!

I feel like I now have enough positive energy to get through the coming week just by looking at these adorable cat pictures. We have cracked the code. You just know this animal is not from around here when just by looking at its pictures all your stress goes away and you feel the most relaxed.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one.

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Via: Nanigoose

Dog tax.

“Charlie (Aussie) was told he wasn’t very sociable at Doggie Daycare, so we got him a little sister (Cosette) to keep him company. It worked out well.”

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