Taking a selfie seems to require more skills and hard work than you ever think. Indeed, some people just didn’t get the rules of selfies and ended up getting teased online for posting such weird, funny, and awkward photos of themselves. They must not have thought it through while their camera was on or just simply didn’t remember to check the background first or took Photoshop way too much. Unfortunately, it was too late when they realized something was wrong with their pics. Other people already screenshotted and posted their photos somewhere else, making their cringeworthy selfie fails stay forever as Internet jokes.
We scoured the Internet to find 20 of the most questionable yet hilarious selfie fails to share with you. Next time, double-take your photos before posting them online, or just get advice from your friends who are selfie experts!

#1. Even this dog is sick of her sh*t

#2. “I may see a better selfie of a man, a baby and a dog this month but I doubt it”

#3. Taking selfie in a restroom is not really a good idea

#4. Trying hard to be a sweet chocolate boy… Next time, try harder!

#5. You must have got something to show the world

#6. Such an IT girl!

#7. You look so happy!

#8. Don’t you know where you’re at?

#9. “Granny, do me a favor!”

#10. Next time pay more attention to the background before taking selfies!

#11. “Please don’t, honey”

#12. “Please, honey, not now.”

#13. Okay, you won.

#14. “My friend just posted the best selfie I’ve ever seen.”

#15. Haters will say it’s Photoshop

#16. One of the best Selfie Fails in a while

#17. “Hey you, stop being skanky.. I’m thirsty!!”

#18. He wanted multiple selfies at once.

#19. Just got a new selfie stick

#20. Oh, crap! Like literally…

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