We are living in such a mysterious world that we have to accept that there are a lot of things for which we don’t have the answers. Even the wisest person on Earth you know can’t give you a proper explanation for everything that is going on around you. Therefore, it is advised that you should give up on trying in vain to figure things out. What we should do is look at them with a little humor and let them slide.
We made a compilation of 20 interesting things that make you feel like you are lost in wonderland. Scroll down for some joy! If you want to see more bizarre things and weird photos, our previous posts are also right up your alley.

#1. “My hand in the cold”

#2. Guess they really want everyone to know they drive a Maybach. Had to look up this car brand.

#3. “This egg I was going to eat had a reddish-white”

#4. So this is the consequence of not drinking enough water

#5. “The first lemon from our backyard lemon tree. 11.85 oz, 4.5 inches long not including stem.”

#6. “This smiley face in my freshly opened ice cream (including on the freshness seal)”

#7. “This is how I noticed that our ceiling was leaking”

#8. This good boy be chillin’!

#9. This bin welcoming your hoes and clothing donation

#10. “My popsicle had 3 sticks in it”

#11. They peeled off the beautiful oranges and put them in a plastic box

#12. Probably on the way to pick up some bronto ribs

#13. “I broke a yard decoration that had 2 frogs and found inside 1 pig playing guitar”

#14. “The way the sunlight reflects off my vase makes it look like smoke”

#15. Mexican Babybel cheese only has the outline of the cow on it

#16. This bathroom has mouths as urinals

#17. Someone placed a Webcam sticker on this urinals flush valve at a music venues bathroom

#18. Man pushing a flaming shopping cart down an alley

#19. Interesting things in Marriott Hotel, Sydney CBD

#20. Sawfish