There are days when you don’t want to do anything, just being lazy sounds like a good plan. Then why not treat yourself to a good batch of funny comics? Today, we will introduce you to these 20 dark twisted comics by Tony Eps that will indeed have you rolling on the floor laughing as they are super amusing. Give yourself a day off and enjoy these comic strips. We can assure you that your time will be well-spent.

The artist behind this comic collection is Tony Eps, a Mexican illustrator with a wicked sense of dark humor. He has made a quite great number of hilarious comics since 2016 and intends to do so down the road. The impressive feature of his strips is that they are bathed in wry dark humor with unexpected endings. Reading his comics, sometimes you might wonder if you should feel bad for laughing at them as the artist is very good at toying with dark humor. The illustrations are also well-drawn so that the readers have no difficulty understanding the messages that the artist wants to deliver. Moreover, Tony once admitted that his comics were weird even for him, most of the ideas came to mind when he was in the shower. That’s what makes his comics entertaining to many people.

So why don’t you take a look at his comics and challenge your humor with dark twisted endings? You can also check out these latest 25 humorously absurd comics, your lazy day off will be worth it after all.

#1. *pretending mode on

#2. Perfect disguise

#3. Karma is real

#4. Ghost hunter

#5. Tricky Treat

#6. Eww!

#7. Your cock…

#8. Protection

#9. “This is just water”

#10. They just don’t get it…

#11. The abduction

#12. Granny into furry

#13. Fast food

#14. They father so fast

#15. Not everyone can get they want

#16. Heart attack

#17. “F*ck the patient! It’s self-care time!”

#18. Watch out he’s packing heat

#19. BRIISH?

#20. The sad reality