19.5 % taxes now imposed on the internet by Punjab Government.


Punjab government officially decided that they imposed 19.5 percent taxes on the internet.

Punjab Government imposed on all 3G, 4G, DSL or any other form of internet, applied 19.5 percent taxes. After the 3G and 4G arrival, the internet penetration increased from 3% to 15% in 1 year. The Finance Minister of Punjab, Dr Ayesha Bukhsh did not mention the new internet tax in the budget speech. But now confirmed about the tax, Punjab government imposed 19.5 percent taxes on all internet.

Pakistan government already deducted 14 percent taxes on all internet network in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the only countries where taxes applied on the internet. The government also applied charges in 2014 but they withdraw for some reasons. Now they confirmed the charges and the charges will be applied from 1st July 2017.

They also mentioned that the Pakistan also increased 40 million Internet customers in last three years. But now may be the taxes damages the growth rate of the internet. The 50 percent of the internet users in Punjab and 56 percent uses of the internet in Pakistan.

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