Toddlers are tiny scientists exploring cause and effect. They definitely are great. There is rarely any dispute on that statement. But children are also harbingers of chaos and destruction. Living with children is a bit like a roller coaster ride: they amuse and scare at the same time, and they can make adults laugh and cry in a few moments! The random actions of the little ones in the household make their parents’ hearts beat wildly, and anyone who takes care of them, due to their unpredictability and ability to cause trouble even in the most unthinkable situations and places. These photos of humorous kids are absolutely shocking!

Life with children can be anything. The main thing is that it will never be boring. Parents will be surprised for some reason at any moment, such as when the child brings unexpected “gifts”. Of course, they will manage to do it as soon as the parents lose their attention. They are the most exciting things happening. For example, just like these funny pictures of babies make parents heart ache:

#1. “We got these bathroom doors because we thought they were trendy. That was before we had a toddler.

photos of humorous kidsSource: © cocononos / Reddit

#2. My niece rethinking her decision to give the fish a kiss before throwing him back.

photos of humorous kidsSource: © jecker77 / Reddit

#3. My daughter suddenly  fell asleep seconds after being told to tidy up her toys

photos of humorous kidsSource: © schneipi / Reddit

#4. My son’s car ‘accident’ a few years ago

photos of humorous kidsSource: © wombat_hats31 / Reddit


#5. My nephew looks like an 18-month-old and a 46-year-old insurance salesman at the same time.

photos of humorous kidsSource: © JimJimBinks / Reddit

#6. My niece’s hiding spot

photos of humorous kidsSource: © lookslikes / Reddit


#7. Was moving the sound system around and noticed it was rattling.

photos of humorous kidsSource: © blackop / Reddit

#8. My son is already stealing girls.

photos of humorous kidsSource: © nyliecyrus / Reddit

#9. My kid is helping with the vegetable garden

photos of humorous kidsSource: © Fisher0fMen / Reddit

#10. My 8-year-old niece wanted to watch Aliens last night. Found this in the living room this morning.

photos of humorous kidsSource: © bcramer0515 / Reddit

#11. My niece drew me. I think it’s time for a hair appointment.

Source: © Karilovesolivia / Reddit

#12. Trying on clothes with a toddler in a nutshell