Don’t read this post if you’re home alone and not so mentally stable. We are not kidding you, because the gallery below consists of 18 oddly terrifying things that might make you sleep with the lights on all night. Every single photo in this list was not intentionally taken to scare you, but somehow managed to give you goosebumps by how they look or where things appeared. What would you do if nature calls in the middle of the night and you found an uninvited guest, which is a snake, right under the toilet lid? Call the police or cry?
Scroll down to see our selection of 18 things that give off threatening vibes if you’re ready to be scared to death. If scary-looking pics are your thing, you should consider checking out our previous post!

#1. That’s toothbrush abuse

#2. “Woke up to a bat in my son’s toilet”

#3. “Just another day down under… my mum’s partner found this brown snake under his toilet lid”

#4. This dog with a wig

#5. “This birthday cake that my wonderful girlfriend baked for me”

#6. Beavis & Butthead

#7. Came back to a pitch-black hotel room then turned on the light

#8. “Was going to go out somewhere and found blood on the side of my car”

#9. Insanely steep descent into a misty jungle below

#10. “Saw this and my soul immediately exited my body.. text from the afterlife.”

#11. Cluster of worms

#12. “Good job peeing!”

#13. Creepy reborn monkey doll

#14. This children’s chair outside a friend’s house

#15. A street light overgrown by vines

#16. Hi there!

#17. Scary tomato

#18. “I think this is how Freddy Krueger would teabag us in our dreams”