Our best friends are very special to us. And there are countless reasons why we trust them so much and are always ready to support them and be supported by them. We listen to them when we are not thinking right and they save us from making the most terrible choice with their calm. At the same time, when it comes to partying, they are the reason why the excitement levels get dialed up to nine, they make sure we party hard, stay happy, and feel the absolute best. Our best friends do so much for us and it is only fair that we treat them the same way.

Developing an understanding with someone and declaring them your best friend may take some time because once it forms, the bond between two best friends becomes inseparable and impossible to break. Now, I realize what you guys have read so far is making you think of your human best friend but that’s not the only shape and form they come in. Yes, you totally forgot about our pet animals while you were having your moment. A pet animal is the best friend a human can possibly have. All the details I mentioned up there to describe an ideal best friend fit perfectly on a pet animal as well. They love us unconditionally, they make sure stress never touches us, and they fill our hearts with happiness and joy. Our pets make us feel the most adorable with their wholesome acts and caring personality. And don’t even get me started on the factor of hilarity. Our pet animals are the best comedians out there and half of the time they don’t even try.

Today, we are going to enjoy some pictures that will prove that a pet animal is the best possible friend a human could have. Scroll down below to enjoy!

#1 “He caught his first chicken.”

#2 “A girl teaching her cat how to write.”

#3 “He wants belly rubs.”

#4 “Seriously?”

#10 Pets are far better best friends one could have than humans.

My friend has an Alsatian and the two are the best of friends. One can never for long without the other. Often when my friend goes on trips abroad, his dog Tommy gets mad because he got left alone. Tommy is 17 years old. I am telling this fact about him because the normal lifespan of an Alsatian lies within the range of 9 years to 13 years. The dog is super active and as healthy as a newborn pup. What’s doing this though? It’s the love between those two creatures. It’s that inseparable bond of friendship that makes the dog put in the highest amount of effort to stay healthy because he never wants to break his promise and keep things going with his best friend forever.

These images are so wholesome and fun to go through. Let’s enjoy some more of this wholesome bond.

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#18 “Went out to apologize to the garbage guys for having a ton of trash this week and they ended up taking a break and playing with the dogs for 5 minutes.”

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#19 Stay tuned for more!

I believe we have cemented the fact that an animal is a human’s best friend. Now it is time for all of you to go to the nearest shelter and adopt a pet animal. And then enjoy the magic.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.



Via: Em_Cat2 / Reddit

Cat tax.

“He stands like this when he thinks we aren’t looking…”