In life, even the smartest person sometimes encounters cases where they unintentionally behave foolishly which makes them ashamed. You must have encountered such cases many times, right? Imagine one fine day, you walk out into the street and see an old man wearing a skirt or a man wearing high heels, how do you feel? Obviously, beauty standards aren’t fixed, but when everyone agrees that someone’s outfit looks stupid, it’s something to avoid. This is similar to how we behave and act.
So when someone on Reddit asks the seemingly basic question of “who’s the dumbest person you’ve ever met?”, thousands of responses start pouring in along with lots of photos of weird, ridiculous people. And while we can’t come to a conclusion to determine how stupid someone is just from a single post, it does give us a certain sense of humor. Come to 20 dumbest moments and laugh with us!
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