Pets are the most amazing thing we have in our lives. Have you ever wondered what would you do without them? We cannot survive that good without them, only pet lovers can relate to this. Our fluffy friends have been there for us more than once and we are lucky to have them. Pets bring crazy in our lives and makes boring routine into a hilarious routine.

Sometimes you just look at them and wonder what the heck are they thinking because they are always upto something fishy and dumb. So here at Defused we have compiled 15 Pets Who bring crazy in their owner’s life. Make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of fun here.

1.  “Couldn’t even be mad at him.”

2. My puppy decided he also wanted a piece of my mom’s birthday cake.”


3. “Memphis decided to wake me up from my nap by sitting on my chest.”


4. “There weren’t enough hiding spots for this poor little girl, so she hid in the toilet full of water!”



© Artorigas / Reddit© fir_the_love / Reddit

5. “Don’t worry you’re not in the way or anything.”



© fir_the_love / Reddit

6. “That bowl behind him is full of those biscuits.”



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7. “10 minutes left to the car. 15 minutes till next scheduled walk…”



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8. “He decided to cause us a headache.”



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Aren’t they simply adorable? Imagine the thrill in their owner’s life because they have to deal with so much funny drama in their lives. Pets really are a blessing for us I don’t know what would we do without them they are simply amazing and adorable. We are glad that they exist. Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch it till the end. We have collected couple of more of these for you guys

9. Look how adorable it looks



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10. “I wonder who ruined another roll of toilet paper after I forgot to put it on the counter so this exact thing wouldn’t happen.”



© kasr4049 / Reddit

11. “Trying to do a puzzle”

© djstickylee / Reddit

12. “A daily occurrence”



© burrito_s*** / Reddit

13. “Bruno hates it when I color.”


© dinosaurscantyoyo / Reddit

14. “Perfect viewing conditions to see the rings of planet Honey today.”



© Rag3ina / Reddit

15.  “The way our cat, Millie, lets us know someone is here”

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