It makes sense that some individuals claim they don’t want to be responsible for taking care of a dog because it requires a lot of time and effort. But our animal companions may definitely win our hearts, and it’s no surprise that getting a dog completely upends your life. The protagonists of this story were certain they didn’t want any pets in the house, but they are now unable to resist spoiling their favourite canines.

#1 “Dad then: ’I won’t be able to stay in the same house if you get a dog.’ Dad now:”

#2 My husband said that he hated little dogs.”

#4 “My husband grew up as a cat person and swore we’d never have a little dog.”

#5 “My dad holding the puppy he told my mom that he ’absolutely’ did not want.”

#6 “Janie, the puppy my dad explicitly told me not to get.”

#7 “My dad is letting the dog he ’doesn’t like’ sleep on his foot.”

#8 “This is how he sleeps with the puppy he ’didn’t want and wouldn’t be a spoiled baby.’”


#9 “We’re not ready for another dog, we already have a cat…”

#10 “My mum was ready for a dog about ten years ago, this photo is just day one with new puppy.”

#11 “My dad with the dog he didn’t want.”

#12 Love-hate relationship

#13 “Dad keeping the dog he wouldn’t let me get as a child warm with his jacket.”

#14 “He will only be your dog and I won’t walk him or pick up after him!”

#15 “My dad said he was done with pets.”


#17 Dog tax

Eight months ago this photo would have been impossible. They’re slowly becoming bff’s