Cheating is wrong on so many levels. Under no circumstances should we encourage any form of cheating. Especially in the exam room where one’s ability should be honestly reflected on the answer sheets. Having said that, we couldn’t help laughing when we saw pics of students being caught red-handed while cheating. We couldn’t imagine how creative students get when it comes to examinations until we saw them with our eyes. A mannequin hand, a calculator, a box of juice, a bottle of water, and even fingernails, all of them can be cheating material.

We made a list of 15 examples of geniuses cheating on exams that will probably have you rolling on the floor laughing. Scroll down to check out!

#1. Test cheating level: Expert

#2. Nailed the exam

#3. Taking cheating to a whole new level

#4. Nailed it, professor!

#5. Write the answer in your clothes

#6. This shoe sole has math equations written below it

#7. Ring of knowledge

#8. The power of a pencil you might not have heard of

#9. Some craftmen entered the chat

#10. Cheat sheet in a juice box

#11. Special Watch For Cheating

#12. Special design for exams

#13. What I mean when I say “school-appropriate hairstyle”

#14. “My professor said I could only use one notecard”

#15. “I live in Guatemala, and this was across the street from the window of a school. That’s one way to cheat…”

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