12 Million Pakistani Internet users are actively using Ad-Blockers Software for Browsing.


According to the new report, 32% of the Pakistani using Ad-Blocker to bypass the advertisement ads on the internet. 12 million Pakistani users can use this software for the internet. Basically Ad-Block works against advertisements on the internet. This software block all the ads.

source: Geek

Mostly the users of Adblocking software in South Asian countries. The total uses of ad-blocker 615 million users can use ad-blocker in the world. They lead $10 billion losses for advertisement publishers every year. The blocking ads from websites are the main source of earning.

source: Phandroid

A Few years ago, publishers create annoying ads on internet browsing include full-screen pop-ups ads, auto-playing videos or audios automatically. And more publishers use cookies ads for advertisements. Cookies are provided many ads on websites about relevant products.

All the internet users can know about Ad-blocker and how its work in browser. 94% of internet users can use Ad-blocker in Pakistan and the majority of using this software in Mobilephones and only 2% people can active Ad-Blocker in PC/Laptop.

Publishers make the Google’s AdSense account for earn money and publish a lot of ads on many websites for earning. In this case, people can use Ad-Blocker for any tyoes of advertisements. Some websites do not view the website unless you turn off Ad-Blocker. But suddenly 74% person peoples leace the website in this case and go to another website.

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