10 Apps For Power Android users To Get Full Control Over Their Phone


Nowadays people want more out of their phones and for that the operating system needs to be user-friendly and luckily people have android which is a way better operating system than of the company with a fruity logo! In order to get the most out of your android phone and to customise it according to your needs, we present you the 10 really useful apps to turn your phone into a workhouse.

Nowadays people need extra storage even though phones these days come in 32 and 64Gb ROM’s but one never knows when he loses his phone or deletes it by mistake, to tackle this problem people buy cloud storage providers e.g Google Drive and MEGA but handling all of them at the same time becomes really hard so we have here an app just for that purpose. It makes managing all your cloud storage Softwares easy by compiling them in one app.

Name: Unclouded

Price: Free to try/ $3.99 to unlock it for lifetime

Via: lifehacker.com

While going deep into your android device you need to have a really nice and fast to operate file explorer to mess around with your phones root files, even though there are plenty out there but Root Explorer defeats all of them in usability while users who already have root can use it for free but unrooted device users have to pay $3.99 but believe me if you wanna mess with your phone it is worth it.

Name: Root Explorer

Price: Free for rooted users/$3.99 for unrooted users


Via: apkdreams.com

The main thing that attracts a user is the look and feel of a smartphone and if the look and feel is dull the phone also starts to seem slow, your custom launcher might be fine but to crank things up a bit we have a launcher that is sure to give you the look and feel of a premium device. Even though it is free but if you want to purchase the full version, you can for $4.99

Name: Nova Launcher

Price: Free but limited/ Full version costing $4.99

Via : extremetech.com

While opening a photo from third party applications or a Random link from it even from your own gallery! your phones asks you which app to open it with and setting one as default sometimes messes things up so we have an app that acts as a middleman by giving you options to choose which app to open the thing with Better Open With is what the app is called.

Name: Better Open With

Price: FREE!!

Via: Lifehacker.com

Whether you want to do a presentation on your phone or just want to record the screen of it on your PC you need to have some sort of software and Air Droid does just the thing by using their servers so your screen can be casted on your PC screen. It costs $2 monthly to use their services.

Name: AirDroid

Price: $2/ Month

Via: Extremetech.com

sometimes you are on an app and want to open a link but cant give up using the app, this app is just for you then because it loads your links in the background without disturbing you whatsoever.

Name: Flynx

Price: FREE!!

Via: Extremetech.com

Who doesn’t like multitasking and to make it even easier we have IFTTT which makes handling different things easy e.g Philips Hue Lights and Google Assistant but the amazing thing is that it’s Free.


Price: FREE!!

Via : Extremetech.com

Some People have more than one daily driver and it may be a Laptop, a PC or a Mobile but in order to get all important notifications on all of them regardless which one you are using so that you don’t get let out. we have Pushbullet which does all of the above from getting SMS notifications to emails but you have to pay the price of $5 per month.

Name: Pushbullet

Price: $5

Via : Extremetech

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